DeliverAI offers the Reseller partnership:

How to start a reseller partnership:

  1. Register your reseller partner account selecting the "RESELLER" option.

  2. Log-in on your account on the partner dashboard using your email and the selected password.

  3. Generate your partner link inside your partner dashboard, using the "Copy Reseller URL" button on the top right of the screen.

  4. You can share the link to your customers and ask them to subscribe through that link using a simple password (example: DeliverAI@2020). Your customer will select the "Sign Up" option.

  5. As reseller, you can manage your customers yourself by log in on the partner page with your login and password. You can apply the pricing that you desire, including a higher monthly rate, a set up fee, or additional services like marketing.

  6. As reseller, you will also execute the configurations (business, stores, catalogs, promotions, discounts, etc.) for your customers, by logging in with their login and password.


General platform pricing is indicated in the pricing page on the DeliverAI website.

Subscription Type

Regular price

Price for reseller

DeliverAI Light




$ 49 per month

per location

$ 39 per month

per location

DeliverAI Fully-Managed

$ 79 per month

per location

Not applicable

Who is it for?

DeliverAI partners program is for anyone working at or with a local business like pharmacy, restaurant or retailer. Most DeliverAI partners fall into the following broad categories:

  1. Marketing Agencies - Marketing agencies typically build websites for their clients and can use DeliverAI to radically enhance the website usability by adding the e-commerce functionality

  2. Freelancers - Similarly to marketing agencies, freelancers build websites where DeliverAI's e-commerce solution fills the functionality gap

  3. Employees - Not an owner (yet?) No problem – leverage your industry contacts and convert them into recurring revenue.

  4. Technology or service companies - If you run a technology or service company like POS systems or deliveries – DeliverAI partners program will add to your existing revenue.


How much can I actually earn?

Difference between the price you sold the platform to your customer and the price you purchased the platform from DeliverAI.

Who configures DeliverAI settings?

You configure the DeliverAI settings to your customers.

Who makes the formal service agreement with the customer?

You are in charge of this process and do it on yourself.

Do I need to have a registered business to become a partner?

No, however, you are responsible for all applicable taxes for any revenue generated.

Is there a minimum disburse amount?

No, there is none.

Can I use my own brand and domain?

Yes, you can by sending a request to

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