With DeliverAI you can start selling products online on your own store or website in a few minutes. Use the steps below so that your guests can easily order online, and you can easily manage your orders.

1. Create a DeliverAI account

You can create a 30-day free trial account. You don’t need a credit card. You can cancel any time if the service will not meet your expectations.

Once you have signed up a verification email will be sent to the provided email ID.
Create a free account

2. Create your business

Add your business to the account.
Create a Business

3. Create your store

Add stores to your business.

Create your Store

4. Setting up Services

You can enable the services provided to the customers in the DeliverAI system.

Enable the services

5. Configure Delivery & Working hours

Set-up the working days and hours in the DeliverAI system.

Configure the working days and Delivery hours.

6. Setting the order delivery time

You can set-up and inform customers about the predicted order delivery time.

Manage the Operation time

7. Draw your specific delivery zones

Use the map to draw your delivery zones.

Delivery zones management.

8. Payment Methods

Configure convenient payment methods for your clients.

Manage payment methods.

9. Create your online product list

Add your product list which consists of sections, menu items, and prices.

Product list management.

10. Receiving orders

You can receive online orders via any web browser or via Facebook or Instagram
Receiving orders

Congratulations! That’s all.
Your customers can order online in your store.

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