In DeliverAI you can easily configure the items of your store in the catalogs.

The catalog consists of:

1. Categories

You can group your items to various categories in the menu e.g. Pizza, Burgers, Drinks.

2. Items

The items in the DeliverAI system will be dishes or products from your store e.g. Margherita, Cheeseburger, Lemonade.

3. Modifiers

With the help of modifiers, you will allow the customer to modify dishes or create sets. e.g. add-ons for pizza or create a burger set with fries.

1. Create Catalogs

1) Click on “Catalogs” – on the left side, the fourth icon of the dashboard.

2) Now click on “Add Catalog” at the top right. Enter the catalog details, currency, slug(ordering link) and choose the store for which the catalog applicable. Proceed to Create.

3)Now you will see the created catalog appears on your dashboard.

2. Create Categories and Items

1) Click “View” on the Catalog to add items.

2) You can create the category at the bottom.

3) Once the category is created, you can add descriptions and items.

4) To add Item: Click on “Add item” – Fill in the item name, price and image. Also, add a description if any. Proceed to create.

3. Adding Modifiers

1) To add modifiers, click on the cart icon beside the preview store at the top right.

2) Click the “Add modifier” button at the right bottom.

3) Enter the modifier name and you choose if it’s mandatory or optional.

4) If the modifier is mandatory then fill in the minimum and maximum count of modifiers the customer can choose. Save.

5)Click the "+" icon and add the item to the modifier created.

6) Enter the name and price of the modifier item if applicable. If you prefer, you can also mark the pre-select for any modifier item.

7) Drag and drop the modifier to the item wherever applicable.

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