Connect your Facebook page with the DeliverAI system to allow visiting customers to place an order. Every day, millions of people use Facebook, integrating the system can contribute to a significant increase in orders for your store.

To be able to properly install DeliverAI you must have a business page on your Facebook account.

  1. Go to "Business" and select your "Store".

  2. Choose the catalog of the store that needs to be connected with a Facebook account.

  3. Now go to "Settings", select "Channels"

  4. In "sales channels" choose "Facebook guide" and copy the link inside it, as shown in the above video.

  5. Go to the Facebook page, click on the add/edit button.

  6. Choose the best suitable ordering method (order food/shop now).

  7. Now go to the website link field and paste the copied Facebook link from the dashboard and click Save.

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