Enabling /disabling menu items availability

The availability of each item on the store/menu can be adjusted on the fly via a simple setting on the dashboard or on the mobile application.

To check how to do enable and disable items on the mobile application, refer to this guide: https://help.deliverai.io/en/articles/4707313-enable-and-disable-products-via-mobile-app

On the dashboard, once selected the Inventory option from the left menu, the capability is opened.

In case there are more business and/or more stores, it's important to ensure that from the top right of the screen the proper Business is selected and that, via the two drop down list, the right store and menu is identified.

Once that the item has been identified, it's possible to select his availability with the right selector. The icon will become red and that particular item will not be shown in the menu/store anymore.

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