Loyalty is a very important feature to increase the customer willingness to order again from your shop.

Loyalty program is valid at BUSINESS level, this means that every store that belongs to that business will follow the defined loyalty rules. To change from one BUSINESS to another, in order to define the loyalty program for another business, it's possible to use the functionality on the top-right of the dashboard.

Please note that there can be only one defined loyalty program per BUSINESS.

Open the Loyalty Setting and select the business for which loyalty has to be defined.

By pressing the button "Create loyalty program", it's possible to create the program to be applied to be business:

The first parameter to be defined is the name of the loyalty Program (in this example: Loyalty).

Earned points allows you to select how much of the total value of the bill (including any discount) will be earned from the customer as loyalty points. Points are credited on the user account when the order is marked as completed in the dashboard / mobile app. 1 Point is considered equal to 1 unit of currency. If the catalog is in USD, then 1 point is 1 USD, if the catalog is in AED, then 1 point is 1 AED, and so on.

For example:

  • Earned Loyalty is 80%

  • Subtotal of the bill: 100 AED

  • Discount in the bill: 10 AED

  • Total of the bill: 90 AED

Customer will earn 80% of 90 AED in loyalty points, that is to say: 90*0.8 = 72 AED.

Points Expiry (days) defines the validity in days for the earned points. When a point expires is lost and can't be used anymore.

Redemption is the action of using the points. Currently discount and loyalty can't be used together, hence if the customer will enable the loyalty any discount will be deactivated.


  • Percentage of points redeemed: 50%

  • Max amount that can be redeemed: 100 AED

  • Partial of the bill: 100 AED

  • Discount: 10%

  • Total of the bill: 90 AED

  • Points earned from the customer: 100

When the customer enables the loyalty, the 10% discount will be removed, hence the total will be back to be 100 AED. The customer will be able to pay 50 AED via the loyalty points. In case the maximum amount that can be redeemed would have been set to 30 AED, then the customer could have paid only 30 AED via loyalty and not 50 AED.

It's possible to assign loyalty program only to one or more of the catalog, however there can be only 1 loyalty program per BUSINESS.

In case the program is been created for the first time, the button in the lower part of the page will be "Create and Activate". In case of loyalty updates, it will be "Update".

A loyalty program can be temporarily deactivated via the selector on the main loyalty setting page.

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