In DeliverAI you can easily create discounts for customers. Which will increase sales in your store and gain customer loyalty.

The discount is created at BUSINESS level and can be associated with one or multiple catalogs belonging to that business.

Even if more than one discount can be defined, as of now only one discount at a time can be used by the final user.

Create Discount for your Catalog

1. Select the business.

2. Now select the "Discount" icon, click on the "create a discount" button.

3. Add the values in the respective fields, choose your catalog for the discount to be applied.

4. Finally save.

To provide an example of real use:

  • Application: Automatic

  • Discount type: percentage

  • Amount: 10%

  • Minimum order value: 20 AED

  • Maximum discount: 100 AED

  • Applicable to: all customers

  • Number of uses per customers: 2

  • Total number of uses: 3

  • Validity: from yesterday, never expires

Customer orders first time items for a value 10 AED. In this case the discount is not applied, since the value of the order is less than the minimum threshold to enable the discount (20 AED).

Customer orders second time items for a value of 50 AED. In this case the customer will receive a discount of 50*10%=5 AED.

Customer orders third time items for 2000 AED. In this case the customer will receive a discount of 100 AED, since 2000*10% = 200AED and it's over the maximum discount value (100 AED).

Customer order forth time items for 50 AED. In this case the discount is not applied since the customer has already used the discount 2 times.

In case there is another customer that places the same orders after these, then the second customer will be able to use the discount only for the 50 AED order, since the overall total number of uses will have reached the value of 3.

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