WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your customers and at scale.

Please follow the below steps to add your products to the WhatsApp business catalog.

Whatsapp Catalog Configuration:

  1. Create Whatsapp business.

  2. In Catalog, click on add new item.

  3. Now add images of the product.

  4. Also, enter other product details such as name, price description, link, and item code as per your choice. The link here is the product URL.

  5. If you don't want the customer to see any of your products, you can hide them by enabling the hide item option.

You can refer to the below video in order to add your products to the WhatsApp business catalog.

Whatsapp Status Configuration:

  1. Go to Settings in Whatsapp business and select Business tools.

  2. Now Choose Greeting message and enable the send greeting message option.

  3. Now Set a greeting message as per your need. This helps to welcome the customers automatically.

  4. For more customers to get in touch with you easily, you can add WhatsApp messaging to your Instagram and Facebook accounts. For this, you have to click on Facebook & Instagram in business tools.

  5. Now click on Facebook and continue for adding a WhatsApp business account to Facebook.

  6. Please follow the above steps to link WhatsApp messaging to Instagram.

You can watch the below video for reference.

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