Log in to the dashboard with your credentials and click home.

Get a tailored onboarding

  1. Click on start answering and give our team an overview of your business, to help you enhance your business.

  2. This information will be used to contact you and give you a better onboarding experience, while you configure and go live.

Steps to get your account ready and receive orders.

  1. Set up your Business.

  2. Set up your Store

  3. Add a Catalog and connect to your store.

  4. Enable your payment methods for accepting payments from customers.

  5. Connect to your channels for more visibility.

  6. After completing all the steps, your business will be ready to receive orders from customers!

Manage your Orders with Phone Apps

  1. You can manage your orders using the dashboard through the live board, iOS App and Android App can be download from respective App Store & Play Store.

Add-On Services

Encourage your shoppers to return to stores frequently to make purchases by providing points, additional discounts, or sometimes free merchandise and delivery.

  1. Loyalty Program

  2. Promotion

  3. Delivery management

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